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Penny Mitchell

10:00am - 2:00pm

Penny Mitchell has been completely fascinated by the medium ever since she figured out the radio in her mother’s car didn’t have teeny little inch-high musicians hiding behind the dial.  She’s from a long line of medical professionals and went into nursing upon graduating from high school. The thought of going into radio never even remotely crossed her mind, mostly because she had never heard a woman on the air. While in nursing school at Colorado State University/Pueblo she heard the new morning person at KILO FM and it was…a woman. The proverbial lightbulb went off.  And lo, the world suddenly had one less nursing student and one more radio person. Penny’s parents never quite got over that. Penny’s first ever radio job was at a country station in Pueblo as the worst overnight jock in the universe. She has gratefully spent the majority of her 30+ years in radio working with country music, which possesses the nicest artists and BEST listeners!