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Heather Jennings


Radio has been a fascination of mine since watching WKRP in Cincinnati as a kid, but it truly became my passion when I moved to Citrus County at the age of 15. My Dad, a Pastor at Hope Lutheran in Citrus Springs, was asked by the then WTRS in Dunnellon to record a daily devotion to be played each weekday morning at 6 am. I would attend these weekly tapings and became more and more enamored by the business. At the time, the area Radio legends there included Cheyenne and Nancy Keeney, who would later gave me my first shot at my dream career at the age of 20 on the air as Dangerous Dixie Rose. Proving life is truly full circle, I would first work the midnight shift, ending my show playing my dad’s devotional, then worked my way up into Evenings, and finally Middays. Later, I would do shows on stations with various genres in Lakeland, Gainesville, Ocala and Jacksonville; but no place or genre could ever compare to Citrus County and Country Music. It’s good to be home. I’m a proud member of Lecanto High School’s 1st graduating class (GO PANTHERS!) and the school’s first female President of the FFA. The best years of my life were spent right here burnin’ up these backroads on either my Motorcycle or in my Ford F100 with the best friends I will ever and still have. Here we are, full circle again. These days, you can find this Rebel Child Preacher’s Daughter talkin’ it up on the radio, playin’ that Country Music, and ridin’ round the county on her Harley-Davidson. Some things never change!