Justin Lloyd

On Air Weekdays 3p to 7p

I always wanted to be in radio.  As a graduate of the Connecticut School of Broadcasting – Tampa Campus I got my start with a local radio station as a board op for both news talk and sports talk shows during the week and for a Rock and Soul show Sunday nights. That’s when I fell in love with the music format and knew I wanted to be on-air working in music.  I am really grateful to be doing what I love with the people I’m doing it with. Also, I’m blessed to have some of the best mentors in the business.  I’ve been told I have a warm personality and infectious enthusiasm.  I love bourbon and beer, being active in the community meeting new people and providing a positive experience for our listeners and clients alike.  When I’m not on-air I love learning more about operations and production, spending time with my family and friends, eating good food and traveling. (Who doesn’t love traveling?  Weirdos…)